Spring is almost here, and that means it’s time to start thinking about maintaining and refreshing your property. What condition are your driveway and patio? If yours are showing evidence of wear and tear, cracks, and other imperfections, you might want to schedule a cement inspection by a reputable company such as Cutting Edge Concrete. We specialize in the installation, removal, and maintenance of driveways, patios, and other concrete structures. We serve the Downriver MI, covering 22 cities. 

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How should I take care of my new driveway or patio?

Here are a few tips so you can keep your new cement in great condition and will last a long time: 
✓ Don’t drive or walk on new cement structures for about one week. 
✓ Keep new cement clear of ice and snow. 
✓ Don’t use deicing chemicals for the first year after installation. 
✓ Do not use sulfate or ammonium nitrate because they can damage your concrete.
✓ Apply a high-quality, high-grade sealant every two years. 

Can’t I just pull a homeowner’s permit and install new concrete myself?

Technically, yes, you can go to your local city office and apply for a homeowner’s concrete permit, however, you need to realize that concrete installation requires years of experience. You also need to know the local city codes and ordinances to avoid city fines and violations. If you don’t know the laws and if you use a concrete mixture which is not compliant, your structure will be vulnerable to cracks and damage. That’s why it’s best to hire a licensed, insured concrete contractor such as Cutting Edge Concrete. 

I’ve heard the term “exposed aggregate.” What does that refer to?

Exposed aggregate is decorative concrete created by exposing the top layer of cement paste to show the aggregate beneath. This style of concrete is idea for pool decks, driveways, sidewalks, walkways, and patios. Some of the benefits include the fact that it is extremely durable and skid resistant. It doesn’t need a high level of maintenance but does need to be seal coated every year or two. Aggregate concrete is available in the following different styles: 
• Crushed glass 
• Gravel 
• Decorative stone 
• Pebble 
• Quartzite 
• Crushed stone 

Stamped concrete can transform your driveway or patio 

If you like the look of brick, stamped concrete might be a great option for your driveway or patio. It comes in a variety of colors, textures, and styles. Adding stamped concrete won’t break the bank either—it’s an affordable way to create a custom look. You choose the color you prefer, and we’ll tint it before it’s poured so it will remain one uniform color. 

Once the concrete is poured, we’ll stamp it with a design you like, one that complements your property’s décor. The end result will be a custom patio that is unique and natural looking.

Some of the benefits of stamped concrete include: 

High-performing with longevity. Stamped concrete can last many years if properly maintained. It will hold up well to patio furniture and heavy traffic. 

Quick installation. It won’t take long for Cutting Edge Concrete to install your new stamped concrete patio or driveway. It can be installed faster than pavers or natural stones because it’s installed in one slab and requires less labor. 

Affordable. Stamped concrete is typically less expensive than other surface options. Because the installation process requires a minimal amount of labor, the overall cost is less. The concrete used is also less costly than other surface materials. 

Excellent patterns and color options. Stamped concrete is poured onsite and extremely customizable. You can choose a color that matches your home’s exterior, so that it blends in with your current landscaping design. Also, you can have it stamped in any kind of pattern, so the sky is the limit on your design options. From nautical and geometric designs, to colorful and edgy options, your new patio or driveway will be uniquely yours. 

Low maintenance. While stamped concrete looks fancy, the only maintenance requirement is that it needs to be resealed once every year or two to keep it from becoming cracked or chipped. Of course, you’ll also need to keep it free from dirt and debris. 

Proud to be family-owned and operated 

Cutting Edge pledges to give you the most affordable, superior services you can find in Taylor, Michigan. Our entire staff it fully insured, licensed, and bonded, always up-to-date on the latest cement installation requirements in the state of Michigan. To get you started, we can set up a cement inspection to determine the quality and condition of your sidewalk, walkway, driveway, patio, or porch. We have all the equipment needed to do the job professionally and accurately, and you won’t have to do any heavy lifting— we’ll do it all. 

Refresh your current home’s driveway

If you’ve noticed that your driveway is cracked, damaged, chipped, or broken, Cutting Edge Concrete can give you the new concrete driveway you’re looking for. We can schedule installation quickly, and the process itself won’t take long either. All of our labor and materials are guaranteed to be long-lasting and durable. 

Studies show that the addition of a new driveway, patio, porch, or sidewalk will augment the value of your property. It’s a great selling point and can add thousands of dollars to your home’s selling price if it’s on the market. If you have an emergency concrete issue, such as a trip and fall hazard or large amounts of broken concrete, we’re always on call to take care of your problem. 

Give us a call at 734-897-0114 to speak to a friendly concrete advisor and set up your initial no-obligation inspection and estimate. You won’t find a more credible, professional concrete company in Taylor MI than Cutting Edge Concrete. We’ve got lots of referrals and testimonials showcasing how successful our residential and commercial concrete projects have been. We look forward to transforming your home and bringing you aboard the Cutting Edge family. Make your property safe and beautiful again.


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