Concrete is a building material that has been used for centuries to construct strong and durable structures. Today however, while concrete is still used for structures it’s also gathered some need aesthetic upgrades from the dull gray that so many people associate with it.

In Michigan, concrete is a versatile material that is especially popular due to the state’s cold climate and harsh weather conditions especially during winters. Despite its popularity in the region, there are still some misconceptions about concrete in Michigan that need to be addressed.

From understanding what causes concrete cracking to debunking myths about using it during cold temperatures, here are some of the most common misconceptions about concrete in Michigan—and why they’re wrong.

Concrete is Boring and Plain

Misconception 1: Concrete is Boring and Plain

People think concrete is boring and plain because they usually only see it as a dull gray color. However, concrete is now available in a variety of colors, textures, and finishes to give it a unique appearance which can better match your home and landscape. From concrete staining to concrete stamping and beyond, there’s no shortage of ways to make your concrete as stylish and attractive as any other building material.

Misconception 2: Concrete Cracks Easily

This misconception likely due to the fact that has been traditionally used for structures without maintenance and care. However, properly installed with reinforcement, such as steel bars and wire mesh, and cared for using regular sealants concrete can be extremely durable and resistant cracking even in Michigan’s cold climate.

Cutting Edge Concrete

This misconception can also be because the concrete was installed properly or the concrete was used in a purpose which it was not designed for. An example would be creating a outdoor patio which is then used to park a large, heavy vehicle on. Talking with a contractor can help you determine what strength of concrete you need as well as thickness for it’s desired purpose and you can avoid this problem.

Misconception 3: Concrete is not Environmentally Friendly

Concrete is very eco-friendly and sustainable. It lasts a long time and does not require a lot of energy to make. Concrete can be reused again and again, so it does not have to be thrown away. It has very little environmental impact as well.

One example of a green concrete initiative is using fly ash and slag in place of cement to make the mix. Fly ash and slag are byproducts from coal burning or steel production plants, respectively, and produce less emissions when used in concrete than traditional cement does. This not only reduces air pollution but also reduces the amount of energy needed to produce the cement.

Misconception 4: Concrete is Not Durable

Concrete is a very strong and durable material. It can last for many years without breaking or needing to be replaced. Reinforcement, like steel bars and wire mesh, can make it even stronger.

One of the most iconic examples of a long-lasting concrete structure is the Great Wall of China, which was built more than 2,000 years ago and still stands today. The Great Wall is an example of how strong and durable concrete can be when reinforced properly.


The misconceptions that were debunked in the article about concrete in Michigan are that it is boring and plain, cracks easily, is not environmentally friendly, and is not durable. Contrary to popular belief, concrete can be made more attractive with colors, textures, and finishes. It can have great durability when installed properly with reinforcement like steel bars and wire mesh and sealed with sealant. Additionally, it is a more eco-friendly option than traditional cement because it can use fly ash or slag instead of cement to create the mix, reducing air pollution and energy consumption.

Concrete is a great choice for your next project and Cutting Edge Concrete offers the perfect solution. Their experienced professionals can provide you with a free quote and help you choose the right materials, colors, textures and finishes that will best match your home and landscape. Contact us today at 734-897-0114 to get a free quote!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does concrete need regular maintenance?

Yes, it is important to apply sealants and other treatments to the concrete regularly in order to ensure its durability and longevity.

Can I paint my concrete?

Yes, you can paint your concrete, although there are some specialized coatings that may be more suitable for your project.

How long does concrete last?

Concrete is a very durable material, and can last many years if it is properly maintained. The Great Wall of China is an example of how strong and enduring concrete structures can be.


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